Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Business Administration program covers the integrated approach and interrelationship among the functional areas of business, as well as sensitivity to the economic, social, technological, legal and international environment in which a business operates.

The objective of the program is not simply to impart basic business knowledge, but to instill and nurture important qualities and skills that are essential for future business leadership and organizational success.

Major in Marketing Management

The Marketing Management program prepares the graduate for careers in marketing, market research, advertising and public relations. The curriculum provides the graduate with both technical skills and competencies required in the field, but also the flexible mind-set that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment.

Major in Operations Management

The Operations Management program prepares students to manage the operations of manufacturing, agri-business, as well as service enterprises, focusing on the need to effectively and efficiently produce and deliver products and services on time and within budget. The curriculum covers all aspects of operations within the organization, including the management of purchases, inventory, production and service quality, logistics, supply chain and distribution.