English as a Second Language

Government Permit #


Easter College, with humble beginnings, clearly, has grown and expanded over the years. Along with the changes is the establishment of the Easter College Language Institute, created to respond to the constant clamor for language programs, particularly in the area of the English language.

Easter College Language Institute opened last January 2011 with the first batch of 16 Korean students. By July of 2011, ECLI again welcomed the second batch of 19 Korean students. Each batch has different programs all tailor-made to their needs as students.

It is without a doubt that English is the language used by many and is considered by some to be a universal language. Evidently, the establishment of many English academies here in Baguio proves that foreign nationals choose to study here as compared to other places in the Philippines. The Easter College Language Institute (ECLI) aims to answer this need with a different approach.

Indeed, it has been said that language and culture affect each other, thus, ECLI uses this kind of approach in creating language programs for foreign students, offering a different program centering on the exchange of cultural identity, through the use of the English language as a mode of communication. It provides more opportunities for students to use the language outside and engage themselves in the discovery of the Filipino identity and culture, in contrast to their foreign cultural ideations.

ECLI also assists foreign students to participate in a buddy system. The buddy system enhances language and cultural exchanges, promotes inter-cultural understanding, and helps internationalize the campus. Each foreign student is paired with a Filipino buddy, one who is also a student enrolled in the institution. This is an opportunity for foreign students to widen their understanding about culture, utilize their language knowledge in building new relationships, thus making it experiential.

In addition, we let our foreign students be associated with a Filipino foster family, depending on how long the student wants to be accommodated. Usually, parents of students here in Easter College are chosen and handpicked. Actual classroom sit-ins are also arranged for students to experience being a regular student, leading them to expand their knowledge of the English language.

ECLI aims to give opportunities for foreign students to learn the language and culture simultaneously. Along with this, is the vision of breaking the monotony of learning a language by introducing fun elements of culture and the Filipino vision.

(Written by Karla Piluden)